Camille Monae

Actor & Intimacy Director

Camille Monae is a dynamic Actor and Intimacy Director based in Atlanta, GA.

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Monae is an expert at using the smallest details to convey a multi-dimensional, fully realized person. - Stacy UptonHer comedy made some otherwise uncomfortable moments sparkle. - Charlie BowlesCamille Monae finely calibrates the character’s every move and expression, and conveys, often without words, the depth of Powell’s internal resources. As an actor who is able to telegraph internal mental states with just her eyes, Monae is well-cast here. - Ann Saucer


I have worked with colleges, theatres, and film productions to bring safer practices to intimate performances on stage and screen.CORE VALUES
Professionalism. Integrity. Caring. Equity. Passion. Fun. Consistency. Honesty.
To safely guide artists in courageous storytelling.
To foster positive practices around scenes of intimacy to ensure all artistic spaces are equitable and safe.
It is my utmost pleasure to recommend Camille as an Intimacy Coordinator for future film and TV sets who are looking for not only professionalism but empathy and artistry in their craft.
Jen West / Writer + Director / Four x Productions
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